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Students from Junior Achievement Malaysia Win the 2022 Global FinCap Challenge

Imagine a podcast that creates a safe and open environment for young people to talk about money, ask questions, and get advice from their parents and adults. How would you design this “Money Talk” podcast? How would you promote it?

Earlier this year, students participating in the JA Building a Financially Capable Generation learning experience worked in teams to develop and share their ideas in their National Innovation Challenge. The winners of each competition advanced to the Global FinCap Challenge. For their final challenge, teams were asked to build on their campaigns by highlighting an upcoming series on socially responsible investing.

Student groups considered questions including:

  • Why does social investing matter now, and in the future?

  • What is the local impact of socially responsible investing?

  • What steps to socially responsible investing can anyone take now to focus on the needs of their local communities?

  • How can this topic encourage conversations between adults and young people?

Volunteers from HSBC served as coaches for each student group, and served as judges during the virtual event. Each team created a three-minute pitch video and participated in a Q&A with judges. Teams were judged based on how their strategies supported the goals and objectives of the Global FinCap Challenge; their creative and original presentation of ideas and solutions; and their engagement of young people in developing their pitches.

Students representing Junior Achievement Malaysia pitched a podcast called Syioknya! Enterprise. “All in all, despite having little money to invest, youth’s powerful voices have the capability to make them heard,” explains Jada, part of the Syioknya! Enterprise team. “We hope this podcast will open their eyes to how much their actions affect the Earth. Change starts with our generation!”

Students from IW Germany pitched a podcast that featured experts as special guests to enrich the conversation with practical advice. They paired their podcast with an online portal to facilitate interaction and engagement between young people and adults, and to organize events for audience members to gain greater knowledge about socially responsible investing.

Students from Junior Achievement Vietnam paired their podcast, The Broke Wall Streeters, with online courses to share more information about socially responsible investing and chat forums on Discord and Reddit to encourage discussions and debate.

The winners of the Global FinCap Challenge earned a Microsoft Surface Go 3, Surface Headphones, and a Masterclass subscription. The first runner up earned a Microsoft Surface Go 3 and Masterclass subscription, while the second runner up earned a Masterclass subscription.

Congratulations to all of the teams for your hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm!


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